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Finding your confidence in forties
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Five things I learnt that helped me get my confidence back.

I thought it would be better than this…I whispered to my friend wiping away tears.   A few years ago I felt disconnected from my friends and the world around me,  my spark was permanently dimmed, low on energy, irritated, sad and frustrated. I desperately missed who I used to be.  On paper everything seemed […]

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I’m Jo
A Confidence Coach for Women in their forties.  

Do you feel more irritable and that your fuse is getting shorter?  Anyone else hot in here? What is going on with this extra weight and why is my skin friggen itching!?!

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Photo credit – Katie Treadway. This week it’s real talk, things we can let go of as we embrace being in our 40’s.   Let’s start with your self talk. What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis? The reason it’s good to explore this is because our thoughts have tremendous power over […]

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What are you truly hungry for in your 40’s?

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A Guide for Women in Their 40s Are you tired of letting your inner critic steal the spotlight and hold you back from going after what you want? It’s time to unplug that negative voice and take centre stage in your own life. As a Confidence Coach for Wome in their 40’s, I’m here to […]

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How many times do you swallow down your emotions? Are lugging around excess emotional weight? That feeling when something or someone has bothered you so much but instead of acknowledging how you feel and speaking up, the emotion is suppressed and pushed back down. The response is “I’m fine” or “Everything is fine”, when in […]

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Learn how to thrive in your forties and embrace the season you are in. I think I was deep in baby land a so called ‘geriatric mother’ in her forties who was also tipping into perimenopause sludge… when it happened. I was mindlessly scrolling on social media and one of my favourite friends was dancing […]

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