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Life Begins at 40… but does it for women?  

How much time and energy have you wasted going on crash diets to regain the body you had 10 or even 20 years ago? 

You find yourself thinking and believing that the best days are behind you and resigning yourself to playing it small because what’s the point right.

Don’t get me started on the never-ending to do list and yeah Self Love is a nice idea but honesty who has the time or energy. Even an odd sock, has more priority, that is how far down the list of priorities you feel you are right now.

AND do not mention the P word…(perimenopause).  It might feel like that confident capable person you used to be has disappeared. Or maybe you know it’s coming and feeling apprehensive about the situation and what this means and what to do.  

I totally get it and this above was also me.

I’m here to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is another way

Rise and Vibe® your 40's.


This is an 8 week 121 coaching programme that empowers women in their 40s to find their vibe and confidence to start thriving.

This is not just a cut and paste Life Coaching online programme. This is a personalised 121 transformational coaching with me that works on the mind, body and soul. One that is supportive, flexible and understands how unpredictable your body and life can be.  

Reshape your approach to being in your forties, cultivate confident energy, dismantle limiting beliefs and say goodbye to emotional eating and a loud Inner Critic.   Create a wellness plan that supports your journey through perimenopause and start looking forward to the next chapter and stepping into your vibe!

“Being a full time working mother of two young kids in my forties, I struggled to look after myself.”


Working with Jo has been great, helping me to go deeper into the root cause of some of my challenges. It has encouraged and supported me to find the right solution that worked for me and helped me to make the changes I needed to be healthier, happier and more energised in my private life. 

How does this sound?

Imagine if you looked at yourself in the mirror and felt a sense of pride and confidence and gave yourself a cheeky wink back.  

Crash dieting and emotional eating where a thing of the past and rather than waste your energy on a number on the scales, you spend your time living in the moment and being present with your friends and family and being in those photos. 

For the first time in years, you finally feel in control of your life and have resilient tools up your sleeve to navigate perimenopausal potholes and anxious moments. 

Your friends comment that you’ve got your confidence back and want some of the action.  

You feel that you can breathe again, and you are excited for the future. 

Is This Right For You?

Do you find yourself apologising for your appearance when meeting old friends? 

Did you use to be confident and fun and now feel like a completely different person? 

Do you catch yourself looking in the mirror and wondering where that happy and confident person has gone? 

When it comes to your body, are you totally fed up and angry as diets that worked before have no impact at all? In fact, being honest, you emotionally eat and drink more than ever before.   

ARe you ready to start walking forwards?

How it Works 

Here is what is included:

Free Discovery Call to find out more about your needs and if this is a good fit.  

8 x 1 hour online sessions every week on Zoom including email check in's.

Your personal coach keeping you motivated and supporting you throughout the duration of the your journey.  

Powerful exercises between sessions to boost your confidence and self esteem as well as support with Perimenopausal symptoms.

Learn EFT a nourishing and powerful tool to help with reducing anxiety and boosting confidence - let's get you on a higher vibe.  

Price: €897 
Payment options are available

is that a yes?

Take the first step and book Your Discovery Call

You can book a free discovery call with me to go through any questions you may have and find out if Rise and Vibe is the right fit for you.  

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