I'm Jo Fiddy, Confidence Coach for women in their 40’s.  

Are you walking backwards through life, wishing for a DeLorean to beam you back to your younger years? Feeling washed up and stuck? I’m here to help you get your confidence back. This is not the last dance. If you are in your 40‘s or twitching on the side-lines of late 30’s come and meet me on the dance floor.  

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Ready to find your vibe and get your confidence back? 

Being in your forties is a milestone.  It is a time of transformational change physically with the perimenopause and emotionally a time of reflection.  Yet it also opens the door to another chapter.  You have a choice. Spend the rest of your days walking backwards through life mourning the life or body you had in your 20's and 30's.... or come back to life and start living. 

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There are so many places that bring us down, in this little pocket of the internet, my intention is to inspire and lift you up.   

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Go from feeling frazzled in your 40's to finding your vibe. Every Thursday receive practical tips and guidance on body confidence, emotional eating and navigating your 40's.  

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 Rise and Vibe® your 40s mind, body and soul is an 8 week supportive 121 coaching  programme to get your confidence back.

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After working with clients for 6 years, I realised that more women in their 40’s were coming to see me feeling stuck, lacking confidence, struggling with body confidence and emotional eating. Being honest I wasn’t loving my fourth decade at the time either. From my research there wasn’t many coaching options specifically for the 40-somethings. So I decided to create one.  

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“So grateful to have been able to work with Jo, she is calm with beautiful energy, she has helped me ground myself and align with my priorities and what is important in life. Always a source of positivity, self nourishment and is so much more than a Life Coach” 

- Elizabeth


Empowering women to lift the veil and dismantle beliefs on  

Helping women to edit their soundtrack and move through life to banging beats and uplifting anthems of positive beliefs.  


on the narrative that women lose their value when they reach

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