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Go from feeling stuck, self-conscious, and anxious to finding your vibe and getting your confidence back. 

Life begins at forty... but does it for women? 

Turning 40 and being in your forties is a transformational milestone; emotionally a time for reflection and responsibility and physically with the Perimenopause.  

The transition into this decade is a pivotal moment.   How you invest in yourself now has the potential to reshape how you will show up in the future.    

Are you about to turn 40 and want to make this the best decade yet? Or you are in your 40's and resigned to feeling stuck and wondering whether life should feel better than this? If the answer is yes you are in the right place. 

I've been there and I'm here to tell you that you have the power to decide who you want to be.   The secret... all you have to do is change you belief soundtrack and dance to a new tune.  

real talk:

“I completed an 8 week 121 life coaching course with Jo to prepare for returning to work after a long break. She is brilliant! Working with Jo is like having your own cheerleader!

She has reminded me of the strength I possess and given me confidence to go after a job/career I want and I am qualified for, rather than settle for whatever happens to come my way. She has also reminded me that I am the driver of my life. I can choose not to have a piece of cake or I can choose to eat it. I have the power. 

- Mags B 

what i can do for you:

Clarity Session

Are you turning 40 or already there and feeling a bit lost? In this 90-minute session, kickstart your journey and start moving forwards with confidence. 

Energy Booster

Like a invigorating Ginger Shot for the mind and body, Energy Booster is a short and punchy 3 weeks of coaching designed to get your Va Va Voom back. 

Rise and Vibe your 40s

This is an 8 week nourishing 121 coaching programme that empowers women in their 40s to find their vibe and confidence to start thriving.

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Say goodbye to feeling like you are disappearing and discover what you need to feel empowered, body confident and rock your fourth decade.

Clarity Session 

Are you at a crossroads?  

If you are turning 40, or you are already here on the dance floor and can't find your rhythm, this one is for you. A 90 minute one off session. What are your values, what are your beliefs, what direction are you going in?  Come away with your own manifesto and confidence to rock this decade.  This is also a great taster session with me to decide if Rise and Vibe is right for you.


Pre-session questionnaire, 90 mins session on zoom. 

Gain clarity and focus to move forwards and reconnect to who you are.  

Clarity Sessions can also be purchased as a 40th birthday Present gift certificate for your friends and loved ones. HAPPY TO HOST A TURNING 40 GROUP COACHING SESSION FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. valid for 6 months.   

Payment 119 €


Energy Booster

Get your Va Va Voom back. 

This is a three week mini coaching plan to help boost your energy and includes invigorating EFT.  Together we will look at one area of your life that needs extra TLC.  Whether it's boosting your confidence in the workplace, finding your feet in Perimenopause, help with emotional eating or finding motivation in your 40s, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.  

receive three one-on-one coaching sessions tailored specifically to your needs.


3 mindful exercises designed to cultivate a positive mindset and reduce overwhelm and stress. 


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Payment 299 €

Rise and Vibe your 40s 

Transformational 8 week coaching programme  

Reshape your approach to being in your forties, cultivate confident energy, learn how to navigate menopausal symptoms and say goodbye to emotional eating and hello to getting your confidence back. 

This is not just a cut and paste Life Coaching online programme. This is a series of personalised 121 transformational coaching sessions, that works on the mind, body and soul.  A supportive, flexible safe space. I  understand how unpredictable your body and life can be in perimenopause and I am here for you.   

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“I had such a great experience with Jo. She gave me so many great tools and positive encouragement that I desperately needed. I was a bit unsure of how things would work, having never done tapping before, but she put me at ease and the result was fantastic. Already after the first session, I made a big, positive change in my life - something that I had wanted for years - that is still in effect today. I can highly recommend working with Jo! She is absolutely amazing."

- Erin 


My Story

I've been there.  Doing the washing up and gazing out of the window wondering what had happened to that fun and confident person. Weighed down by expectations and responsibilities and unsure how to navigate this so called 'Life Begins at 40' decade.   Looking back, I desperately wanted to beam myself back a decade to the person I used to be,  something that felt familiar. 

In my business, I started to notice that more and more women in their 40’s were coming to see me wanting to get their confidence back.   It was like they had resigned themselves that life doesn’t get any better than this. The best days are behind them, and they started walking backwards through life.

So I went all in and started researching more and more about what happens to a women’s body in her forties. This included exploring society’s views on aging and what women listened to as they were growing up in the 80’s, 90s and 00s and how those formed their belief soundtrack.


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